Three (One) O Ratchets Up the Tension for “Homeland”

Work Highlights New Threats in Season 4 of the Emmy-winning Showtime Networks Series.

MARINA DEL REY, California – September 8, 2014 – Continuing their partnership with Showtime Networks, film and commercial production company Three (One) O announced today that they have completed a pair of promotional spots for the upcoming fourth season of the critically acclaimed intelligence thriller “Homeland.” The project was spearheaded by Three (One) O principals, Director Norry Niven and Executive Producer Elaine Sibert. The creative team at Showtime Networks included VP Creative Director Erik Friedman, Creative Director Rachele Honner, Writer/Producer Soon Kwon, Creative Director Jonathan Rauberts and Producer Diane Johnson. Generator Films | London provided production services for the project along with The Big Picture Company | Cape Town.

Season 4 of “Homeland” picks up with CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) being transferred to work in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Production is currently underway in Cape Town, South Africa. It was there the Showtime Networks, Three (One) O and Generator Films team converged to shoot “Target Confirmation” and “New Threat” over two days in late July.

In “Target Confirmation,” Niven effectively combines variable frame rates, unexpected framing, hits of color and POV shots to reveal a Carrie that is back in command of her professional faculties – even as unresolved emotion roils behind her frigid exterior. The spot’s climax features a missile strike, called in by Carrie that was shot as a practical effect in just three takes. The action was masterfully cut by Showtime’s Ray Burris against Lorde’s version of the Tears for Fears classic “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

“New Threat” further drives home the idea that, for Season 4, Agent Mathison is a force to be reckoned with. Shot on soundstage inside a purpose-built bunker set, the team again preferred to go in camera for the main effect – an explosion that takes out the bunker’s back wall.

Currently on air before “Homeland” premieres October 5, the spots mark the latest collaboration between Three (One) O and Showtime. Niven and Sibert have created numerous promotional spots for the network’s own branding, as well as for its series, including “Shameless”, “Masters of Sex”, “Ray Donovan” and all eight seasons of “Dexter.”


Showtime Networks:
Erik Friedman, VP/Creative Director Rachele Honner, Senior Creative Director Soon Kwon, Writer/Producer
Jonathan Rauberts, Creative Director Diane Johnson, Line Producer
Ray Burris, Editor

Three (One) O:
Norry Niven, Director
Elaine Sibert, Executive Producer August Alcala II, 1st Assistant Director

Generator Films (London): Kate Arton, Producer

The Big Picture Company (Cape Town): Di Davis, Line Producer
Sarah Jane, Production Designer
Doug Hardy (for Stunt SA), SFX

Katina Le Kerr (for Homeland), Costume Designer Cathy Kukard, Wardrobe Stylist

The Mill:
Tomas Wall, 2D Lead Artist
Darren Macpherson, VFX Shoot Supervisor Wendy Garfinkle, VFX Producer
Zu Al-Kadiri, Executive Producer

Three (One) O is a full-service film and commercial production company based in Marina del Rey, California. Capturing ideas in motion with technical mastery, jaw-dropping visual effects and good old-fashioned narrative storytelling, Three (One) O makes the imaginary an actuality on a daily basis. Spearheaded by Director Norry Niven and Executive Producer Elaine Sibert, Three (One) O is set to bring the next generation of commercial and narrative filmmakers to a screen near you. Visit for reels and additional information.


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