Kind Words

Golareh Safarian | VP of Production | Fox Broadcasting Company

When I’m producing a job with Three One O, I sleep better at night. Their attention to detail is meticulous and that’s the key to a successful production.

Erik Friedman | Senior Creative Director | Showtime Networks

When it comes to our biggest, high-profile jobs, whether it’s a new series launch or a network branding campaign, Three (One) O is always my first choice. Norry and Elaine and the entire team at Three (One) O are absolutely incredible. From concept to completion, there is no better creative, production and post production team working today. And the secret to what makes them so superior is surprisingly simple: they consistently deliver the two things that production companies constantly promise but rarely deliver – a truly collaborative, extraordinary production experience and some of the best award-winning images ever exposed to film. Not only are they creative masterminds who elevate every project that they work on, but also they are first and foremost wonderful and amazing people. It’s truly a pleasure to work with them and an honor to call them my friends.

Tyler Smith | VP at VML

Working with both of you was one of the best things that happened to me during my time here at Bernstein Rein Advertising. The way you each handle your job, the respect you show towards everyone around you and the sense of family you create on and off the set is what makes you the best of the best. I can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of your world and showing me how much fun production can and should be.